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Gabby: I wish to meet Ariana Grande


“ Having this wish to look forward to gave me something good to think about while I was recovering. ”

- Gabby

Since birth, Gabby has experienced uncontrollable seizures that worsened as she got older. She has endured a scary brain surgery and spent countless days in the hospital. 

To get through some of the worst times of her life, Gabby often turns to the uplifting and inspirational lyrics of the song “Break Free” by Ariana Grande. The lyrics, “I'm stronger than I've been before; this is the part when I break free,” gives her courage and strength. 

When it came time to decide on her wish, Gabby wished to meet the singer who is so inspiring to her: singer Ariana Grande. When Gabby’s wish came true earlier this month, it was the perfect ending to a long road she had been facing. Gabby got to sit and chat with her pop idol. She even got to take selfies with Ariana Grande! During the concert later that evening, Ariana even dedicated Gabby’s favorite song “Break Free” to her during the concert. 

“It was the best night of my life,” Gabby said. Looking forward to her wish gave Gabby something positive to focus on. “It helped so much, by taking my mind off being in the hospital and not feeling well,” Gabby said. 

“We have all worried and watched her struggle as we sat with her in the hospital. It has been a very long and miserable year and I feel like this wish was the perfect ending and we are all now in a better place,” said Gabby’s mom, Stephanie. 

 “Make-A-Wish makes dreams come true for children who really deserve something good to come their way. She got to have an experience, that was good, (great, amazing) for once, and we are so grateful!” Stephanie said.

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