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Zach: I wish to have a fish house


“ Zach's wish took his mind off the illness. ”

- Zach's mom

Zach is an outdoors enthusiast. He especially loves to fish with his family and friends. He enjoys getting out on the lake and fishing every chance he gets. But his life changed when he was diagnosed with leukemia. 

 “One of the worst fears as a parent is to have your child sick. It is the worse heartache not being able to take away the pain and fear for your child,” said Kelly, Zach’s mom. When Zach learned he was eligible for a wish, he didn’t have to think twice about his one true wish. He wished for his own fish house that was big enough to have his family and friends go fishing with him. Having a fish house to call his own was something he has always dreamed of. 

“Zach’s wish helped him focus on the fun he was soon going to have with his fish house. He looked online many hours wondering what might be possible. It took his mind off the illness and let him look forward to great times fishing with his buddies,” Kelly said. 

Zach’s wish day arrived on this past February. His wish day couldn’t have come at a better time. “He had a really rough two weeks prior and his wish made him feel so much better,” Kelly said. 

Accompanied by his uncle, dad and cousin, Zach headed out to the A.C. Nelsen RV World in Shakopee to pick up his fish house. “When I first saw the fish house, it was better than I could have imagined. It had everything and more that I asked for!” Zach said. Zach’s dad Doug said it brought tears to his eyes to see how happy Zach was. Zach wore a grin ear to ear as he looked over his fish house. It is equipped with extras such as a sunroof, ice hole gate cover, boat seat and a radio. 

Zach is thrilled to get his fish house, and proud to show it off to his friends. He looks forward to many winters participating in ice fishing tournaments. “Make-A-Wish entered my life in a time when I needed it the most,” Zach said.

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Chris West

This was such a wonderful wish!! It was fun to be a part of it!! I wish Zach and his family health and happiness in their future and many, many fun times in this fish house!!!!!!

June 25, 2013 - 9:01 AM

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