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Rose: I wish to have a playset

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  • Rose

“ Make-A-Wish® was the one positive thing to think about in the midst of all the negative. ”

- Angie, Rose's mom

The air is full of anticipation. Rose and her siblings beam with excitement as they watch it all come together – the slides, the swings, the ladders. After months of planning, imagining and waiting, Rose’s wish to have a playset is coming true!

As her children run towards the newly constructed playset in their backyard, Angie thinks of how different their lives were just one year earlier. She remembers the horror she felt when doctors diagnosed Rose with stage 4 kidney cancer.

Within 24 hours of her diagnosis, Rose endured a six-hour surgery to remove the tumor, her kidney and adrenal gland. Over the next year she would face the trauma of chemotherapy, radiation, two more surgeries, a blood transfusion and countless medications.

“We led a beautifully simple life with four happy kids, and it all changed in an instant,” Angie said. “The whirlwind of those early months was like drowning.”

During those months, Rose spent the majority of her time under quarantine at the hospital. She missed her siblings immensely. All she could think about was having the chance to play without worry. So when Make-A-Wish® Minnesota asked what her one true wish was, Rose knew right away. She wished to have a playset where she could spend time with her brother and sisters.

“Make-A-Wish® was the one positive thing to think about in the midst of all the negative,” Angie said.

Now, as Angie watched Rose run toward her new playset, she couldn’t help being overcome with a feeling of joy. Rose finally had the freedom she had been longing for, and wasn’t going to miss a single moment of it.

Every year, hundreds of kids like Rose are diagnosed with critical illnesses. You can help bring hope and joy to Minnesota wish kids today! Click here to discover all the ways you can make wishes come true.

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