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Olive: I wish to have room makeover


“ Her disabilities make “everyday things” very tough. Now we can let her play without worrying she may get hurt. ”

- Olive's mom

Born with a congenital heart condition, life for four-year-old Olive is anything but typical. Since birth, she has had multiple heart surgeries. Olive struggles to walk, eat and communicate. 

The one place that provides Olive a refuge from her challenges is her bedroom. More than anything, Olive wishes for a bedroom makeover. With the help of Make-A-Wish® Minnesota, a team of volunteers worked tirelessly to transform Olive’s bedroom into her personal retreat. Her new room is complete with colorful lights, a cool tent bed, shelving for her toys, and safety equipment. 

Olive’s wish is more than just a great experience for a day, two days, or a week. It is a wish that offers a lifelong impact where she can play and rest peacefully during treatments. 

"We are just so happy to have a whole space that is dedicated to Olive where she is also safe," said Dana, Olive' mom.

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