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Nicholas: I wish to have a jungle-themed playroom


“ Nicholas' wish gave him a place to enjoy just being kid ”

Nicholas is a playful and outgoing five-year-old boy from Hugo who loves jungle animals and playing with his siblings. But simple things like playing with his siblings or visiting the zoo can be a challenge for Nicholas who has acute lymphatic leukemia. Since leukemia affects his immune system, Nicholas is unable to fight off common viruses. Nicholas wishes for a jungle-themed playroom where he can have a safe place to jump, tumble and play.

Recently, Make-A-Wish® Minnesota, along with a crew of volunteers, set out to build new playroom for Nicholas. Nicholas’ playroom captures the feel of the jungle. It even features a tree house and a bright yellow slide! Striking jungle trees, cheetahs, colorful birds, foliage and more painted on the walls set the tone for the vibrant jungle playroom.

Nicholas and his family are excited to finally have a safe space for Nicholas to play and also a place to enjoy just being kid. Nicholas looks forward to many years of fun playing with his siblings and friends.

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