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Jordyn: I wish to have an above ground swimming pool


“ Jordyn's wish gave her joy ”

Six-year-old Jordyn of Willmar loves water. Jordyn suffers from chronic myeloid leukemia, but also enjoys chocolate chip cookies, the color pink and playing outside. Jordyn’s love of water inspired her wish for an above ground swimming pool so she can play in the water and swim with her friends.

Jordyn’s wish came true this past summer when the weather was warm enough for the workers to install her pool. “I watched the guys build my pool. Finally, I got to go swimming in it a lot,” Jordyn said. Jordyn used to never open her bedroom window shades, but now she opens her shades first thing in the morning so she can see her pool. “My favorite memory (of my wish) is my party with friends and a swimming pool cake made of cupcakes,” Jordyn said.

Since her wish, Jordyn swims in her pool almost every day rain or shine. “This pool has given her so much mentally and physically. We have really seen Jordyn smile a lot. We have had a lot of belly laughs playing in the pool. For a while, the laughs were far and few,” Jamie, Jordyn’s mother said. “I think the best part of the wish experience was to see how much joy something like this can bring to a little girl to help her forget that she is sick on the inside,” Jamie, Jordyn’s mother said.

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