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Emmah: I wish to have a
Mall of America® shopping spree

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“ To have a day where the whole family can just be normal and be happy is so great! ”

- Emmah's mom, Chelsee

Emmah was only 16 months old when her parents noticed something unusual with her eyes. Unaware of what could be causing it, Emmah and her parents traveled three hours from International Falls to Duluth to get answers. That very day they found out she had cancer, the next day that it was neuroblastoma, and a week later that it was stage 4.

“Our world flipped completely upside down,” recalls Emmah’s mom, Chelsee.  

The following 15 months were filled with treatments – some even five hours away in Minneapolis - that left Emmah feeling tired, weak, and nauseous. Her treatments also caused ongoing nerve and balance issues. These side effects made Emmah unable to join other kids her age.

One thing Emmah could do, was go shopping. She loves joining her mom at the store, and picking out things to bring home. Once Emmah discovered she would have a wish granted by Make-A-Wish® Minnesota, she immediately knew what she wanted to do: go shopping at the Mall of America®!

This past June, Emmah and her family were heading to the Mall of America for the shopping spree of a lifetime. Her wish was finally coming true! With all her favorite stores in one place, Emmah was able to visit every single one and purchase everything her heart desired. The item at the top of her list? A new baby doll to take care of from the American Girl Store®.

Every step Emmah took around the mall while pushing her new baby stroller filled her with a joy that radiated. Treatment caused Emmah to often be hours away from her siblings. This trip gave them the time together they had been waiting for.

“I will remember everything from this experience because it was just incredible,” Chelsee said. “To have a day where the whole family can just be normal and be happy is so great!”

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