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Zane: I wish to go to Hawaii


“ Seeing Zane oceanside ... invoked the strongest sense of peace and gratitude ”

- Erica, Zane's mom

Just hours after Zane was born, he started to have difficulty breathing. Then after neonatal intensive care and testing, he was diagnosed with a heart condition at two days old. 

Zane’s parents were stunned by his diagnosis. They were petrified he might die. “We slept so very little those first few months... each breath he took was monitored like a hawk,” said Zane’s mom, Erica.

Zane grew up battling his condition. “His diagnosis really consumed his life, particularly when he was young and didn’t understand it,” Erica said. Life came with new challenges and new adjustments for Zane. “I was never able to play any sports. From 1st to 5th grade, nobody would talk to me because they thought they would catch my disease,” Zane said. “I had to grow up really fast.”  

Throughout his young life, Zane has never known a time without his life-threatening heart condition and his family has been by his side every step of the way. This is why Zane chose a family vacation to Hawaii as his wish. Zane said, “Family is the most important thing to me.”  

Zane’s wish to go to Hawaii was the first family vacation they were able to take. “The memories from our trip will last a lifetime” Zane said. “I am so thankful to Make-A-Wish® for making it happen!” 

During Zane’s wish, he went on an ATV adventure, visited the Polynesian Cultural Center, learned how to fire twirl, and enjoyed the beauty of the island. Their Hawaiian vacation gave Zane and his family a chance “to relax, unwind, and tap into the aloha spirit,” Erica said.  

“Seeing Zane oceanside in the twilight, just soaking in the power of the sand and the waves was mesmerizing and invoked the strongest sense of peace and gratitude,” Erica said. “Make-A-Wish® took care of everything, so our family could enjoy each other, our surroundings, and our time together — free from stress, anxiety, and worries.” 

YOU can help make wishes come true for Minnesota kids like Zane! Can you help by becoming a volunteer or donating cash or airline miles?

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