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Thomas: I wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort


Thomas' wish gave him the chance to be carefree!

Playing with friends and chasing after his dogs had been regular activities for six-year-old Thomas. However, after one devastating day in May 2018, those favorite activities became few and far between for him.

It began one morning before school when he wasn’t feeling well. His mom, Brielle, decided to take him to the doctor. After a few tests, Thomas' doctors had an answer. Thomas had a large tumor on his kidney and was diagnosed with stage III kidney cancer - a Wilms’ tumor.  

“It was a whirlwind and a nightmare,” Brielle said.

As he started a treatment regimen, Thomas became weak and lost his appetite. He suffered neuropathy in his feet and ankles, and wore leg braces to manage the pain. After six months of radiation, chemotherapy and surgeries, Thomas’ treatments finally ended, and he was ready to celebrate.

In February, Thomas and his family headed to sunny Orlando to enjoy his wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. They spent a week exploring the sites and sounds of the amusement parks, playing at the beach and laughing together.

"It was so amazing to just focus on family for an entire week,” Brielle said. “It was truly one of the best experiences.”

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