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Sienna: I wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort

“ This trip made me forget what it is like to be a kid with cystic fibrosis and just feel like a kid! ”

- Sienna

Seven-year-old Sienna has never known a life not consumed with doctor’s appointments, medications and daily respiratory treatments. Shortly after birth, her parents were informed their five-day-old baby had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

“We were devastated. We had taken a healthy baby home from the hospital and were now hearing she had a rare disease. It was heartbreaking and overwhelming,” said Sienna’s mom, Sarah. “We had to learn how to properly be not only parents, but caregivers, too. I had to quit my job to help keep her home and keep her healthy. We have had to change both our professional and personal lives significantly to manage her health concerns.” 

To date, Sienna has been hospitalized numerous times and has endured two surgeries. Sienna spends an hour each morning and each evening on respiratory treatments. She is extra careful to avoid anyone who may be sick. “I am sad when I miss out on something, but know that I have to stay healthy, so I don't go to the hospital,” Sienna said. “I miss playing with my friends.” 

Sienna wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort to see the princesses and the big castle. When her wish came true last November, she was elated to experience many firsts on her wish trip. “I had never seen a limo before, and it was so cool to ride in one,” Sienna said. “I really loved all the rides at Magic Kingdom. I got to meet Anna and Elsa in person. I loved meeting the princesses, too. I had a special meeting with Snow White. It was so much fun!” 

Siena’s wish brought hope, strength and joy to her life, which has been filled with medical challenges from birth. “This trip made me forget what it is like to be a kid with cystic fibrosis and just feel like a kid. When we were there, we had fun the whole time and the day didn't focus on my treatments. We got to spend so much time together too. I loved everything about it!”

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