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Olivia: I wish to go to Hawaii to swim like a mermaid

  • Olivia

  • Olivia

  • Olivia

  • Olivia

“ My wish made me happy and made me stronger. ”

- wish kid Olivia

Like other young girls her age, Olivia loves to dance, make crafts, and play with her brother. She enjoys swimming in the summer and playing in the snow during the winter. Unlike other girls her age, Olivia was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth.

To stay healthy and control the symptoms, Olivia manages her condition by following a regular treatment routine. She often has numerous doctor’s appointments and undergoes treatments each day. She must closely monitor her blood sugar levels. To avoid getting sick, she goes to school online at home to stay away from germs.

This past October, Olivia’s wish to go to Hawaii came true. During her wish experience, Olivia got to swim with a mermaid in the ocean, drink out of a pineapple, surf the waves and spend quality time with her family without worries. “My wish made me happy and made me stronger,” Olivia said.

Olivia’s wish gave her the chance to live life beyond her illness. “The pure joy and absence of limitations that Olivia was able to experience on her wish are something she will always remember,” said Bridget, Olivia’s mom.

“For many, this is their one limitless chance to experience something beyond amazing. The chance to have a wish come true - for some children it seems life is all about roadblocks, limits and things they can’t do. This is something that these kids can carry with them for life.”

Since coming home from her trip, Olivia has been busy with school and dance. She plans to make a memory book from her wish trip where she can reflect on the happy experiences that helped make her stronger. Olivia and her mom plan to stay involved with Make-A-Wish Minnesota by supporting fundraising efforts and events to grant wishes for other kids waiting for their wishes.

Thanks to support from donors like you, Olivia got a piece of her childhood back. Will you help us reach the next child who is waiting for their wish? Become a volunteer or make a gift today and help make more wishes come true.

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