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Lillian: I wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort


“ For once, there were no doctors and no pokes. Lillian could just be herself. ”

- Lillian's mom

Nothing in Lillian’s life is as it should be for a little girl. She has been through unimaginable challenges in her young life living with a critical illness since birth. Despite her struggles, Lillian is one tough little girl.

Like most little girls, Lillian loves Disney princesses. Her favorite Disney princess is Cinderella. Her one true wish is to go to Walt Disney World® Resort to meet Cinderella. Lillian left behind her burdens when her wish came true this past fall. She went on rides and got busy making up for lost time. It was more exciting than she could ever have imagined! She got to meet all the Disney princesses. Wearing her own Cinderella outfit, she happily greeted her favorite princess, Cinderella.  

"Lillian was able to be a little girl…do things that I was once told she would never be able to do,” said her mom, Amber. “For once, there were no doctors and no pokes. She could just be her,” Amber said. “The smile on her face still brings tears to my eyes.” 

Lillian’s wish was a worry-free experience for her and her family. “We did not have to worry about her medical equipment. EVERYTHING was taken care for us. So the only thing we had to worry about was enjoying this experience,” Amber said. “It was the first time we experienced something as a family.” 

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was amazing for us as family to leave all the worries and stress of everyday life behind and allow Lillian to just experience. I will never be able to thank all who were involved enough,” Amber said.

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