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Libby: I wish to go to Hawaii

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Libby's wish gave her a break from treatments.

Like all parents, Libby’s were joyful when their baby was born. However, when baby Libby was failing to thrive shortly after birth, their joy turned to worry. They knew something was wrong when they saw Libby was having difficulty breathing.

At nine days old, Libby’s doctor delivered the devastating diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening respiratory condition. With mixed emotions, Libby’s parents quickly submerged themselves into the medical world to learn about treatment plans and medications for their daughter.

For the past eight years, Libby’s life has been filled with uncertainty. Due to multiple daily treatments to treat her respiratory condition, she often misses out on playtime with her friends. When she is in the hospital or has doctors’ appointments, Libby has to miss school. Furthermore, when someone at school gets sick, Libby has to stay home because she is at risk of getting an infection. Naturally, Libby often struggles to understand her disease, as any 8-year-old would.

Libby discovered she would be granted a wish from Make-A-Wish®; Minnesota during a hospital stay. She wished to go to Hawaii and was ecstatic to begin planning all the adventures she would have. She looked forward to the smell of the ocean!

Finally, Libby’s wish day arrived, and she was headed to the airport for her flight to Hawaii. Libby, who has never known life without treatments, got to enjoy a week of pure freedom on the beaches of Hawaii when her wish came true. “Libby was so excited to have a break from treatment and focus on fun for a whole week,” exclaimed Libby’s parents, Lisa and Marc.

Libby’s wish allowed her to let loose and enjoy every moment of her time in Hawaii. “Getting my wish was like a reward for fighting cystic fibrosis,” Libby said. She spent a week enjoying the tropical weather and playing in the ocean with her family. They were finally able to enjoy time away from the hospital and focus on spending quality time with each other.

“Make-A-Wish Minnesota provided our family the opportunity to have genuine family time, not centered around cystic fibrosis care for a whole week,” Lisa said. “Having Make-Wish Minnesota take the reins of coordinating the details of the trip allowed us to focus on fun and take away the high stress that is typically associated with trip planning, when you have a chronic illness, which was why we have never traveled prior to this experience.”

Libby’s mom will never forget the excitement of watching her kids see the ocean for the first time. “I will remember the feeling of peace knowing that we had a whole week together to relax, enjoy the sun and ocean, and focus on strengthening our family,” Lisa said. “We have coined Make-A-Wish as our prescription for "emotional medicine.”

Libby and her family shared the impact of her wish with guests at this year’s Wish Ball. Watch the video of Libby's wish story below!

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