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Jeph: I wish to go to Hawaii


“ Jeph's wish gave him lots of smiles and joyous laughter. ”

Jeph had always dreamed of going to Hawaii. Although the Coon Rapids teenager was diagnosed with a life-threatening respiratory condition at birth, he never let that get in the way of his dream. Between his love for the ocean and desire for a week of relaxation in the sun, Jeph wished to go to Hawaii for his wish. 

Hawaii was everything Jeph had imagined and more. He loved the smell of the sea water and fish while walking on the soft sand, with waves lapping at his bare feet. He was captivated by the tiki torches that dotted the coastline, giving light in the evenings. He would gaze out into the Pacific Ocean seeing the horizon dotted with cruise ships and sailboats. “This is paradise. This is Hawaii,” Jeph said. 

This trip gave Jeph the opportunity to be carefree again. A week without the challenges of his medical condition, breathing in the soothing ocean air, was exactly what he needed. “I know each of us has a favorite memory but mine will always be the permanent smile and joyous laughter from Jeph on one of the wave beaches on the north shore of Oahu,” said his mom, Cindy. “Thank you for gifting that to him and his mom during this most fantastic wish!” 

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