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Jadyn: I wish to go to Hawaii


“ Make-A-Wish gives people a sense of hope and inspires them to get well. ”

- Val, Jadyn's mom

Fifteen-year-old Jadyn has had a difficult year. Since being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, she has endured several surgeries and numerous rounds of chemotherapy. Jadyn missed spending time with her friends and participating in activities at school. She often felt lonely. 

 “I felt like everything was taken away from me,” Jadyn said. “I was lonely. I tried to go to school and hang out with friends when I felt good, but that wasn’t often.” 

Jadyn especially missed her older siblings, who were away at college during her treatments. When she learned she could receive a wish from Make-A-Wish Minnesota, Jadyn jumped at the chance to have something that had been missing – a vacation where her family could spend quality time together. “I wanted to go on a trip because it's relaxing,” exclaimed Jadyn. “I wanted to go with my family because I love them so much, and they were there for me when I was sick.” 

In May, Jadyn’s wish to go to Hawaii came true. Her family spent a week enjoying the tropical weather, parasailing, ziplining and enjoying quality time together. 

Today Jadyn is doing well. Her mom, Val, said looking forward to her wish helped Jadyn get through her treatments. “Make-A-Wish gives people a sense of hope and inspires them to get well,” said Val. “This wish helped us celebrate Jadyn, all she has been through and how proud we are.”

You can help give more kids back a piece of their childhood that illness takes away. When you help Make-A-Wish Minnesota grant wishes: Hope is returned. Strength is regained. Joy is restored. 

Please donate today to help grant more wishes like Jadyn's.

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