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Ian: I wish to dig for dinosaur bones

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“ During his wish, we were able to create a lot of memories as a family. ”

- Daniela, Ian's mom

Diagnosed with a rare inherited immune system disorder at birth, eight-year-old Ian is unable to fight common germs. He has never been able to play in the leaves, go on hayrides or attend school.

Since Ian is confined mostly to his home, he has had to find ways to entertain himself. Devoted to his dinosaur collection, Ian has been obsessed with dinosaurs ever since he was little. He can rattle off the names of dozens, if not hundreds, of dinosaurs and can tell you everything about these prehistoric creatures.

It is no surprise that Ian’s one true wish was to go dig for dinosaur bones. During those days when he was worn out from treatments, his wish was the spark of hope Ian needed to get through the difficult days.

This past summer, Ian and his family traveled to the Black Hills for his wish. He was thrilled he got to see the bones of a triceratops sticking out of the ground. He learned how to dig for dinosaur bones from a paleontologist and was ecstatic to find dozens of dinosaur bones during his dig.

“It was a life-changing experience,” said Daniela, Ian’s mom. “Previously, we were unable to travel due to Ian’s health condition. During his wish, we were able to create a lot of memories as a family. We are so enormously grateful to everyone involved in making wishes possible for families like ours,” Daniela said.

Through the course of their treatments, children battling critical illnesses such as Ian have to endure the unimaginable - where hopes and dreams get put on hold as they battle to survive. Thanks to the support of donors like you, kids like Ian got a part of their childhood back. 

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