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Finn: I wish to go to a quiet Florida beach


“ We saw smiles and joy everyday ”

- Finn's mom

Four-year-old Finn loves her pets and swimming, just like most kids her age do. But nothing in Finn’s young life is typical. In an average week, Finn suffers up to 13 seizures as a result of battling a neurological condition.

When it came time to decide on a wish, Finn wished to go to a Florida beach where she can relax and swim in a peaceful and calm environment. “Because of Finn's disabilities, we needed quiet time in order for her to relax and not have seizures. Time out of crowds and away from startling noises and experiences,” said Kris, Finn’s mom. 

FinnThis past summer, Finn and her family spent a worry-free vacation in sunny Florida. Finn stayed at a resort on a sugar-white sand beach at the tip of Fort Myers Beach where her every anticipated need was met. She had a quiet room that overlooked the ocean. She spent hours and hours swimming in the ocean, collecting seashells and building sandcastles. She bravely touched crabs and starfish and even rode on a boat and saw dolphins and birds. 

“We saw smiles and joy everyday...the kind of smiles and joy that grab you by the shoulders and shake you which is pretty amazing when you are used to looking for the gratitude in the small things,” Kris said “Finn's Florida wish allowed us all to relax and enjoy...Finn!!! Miraculously, in our time in Florida, Finn only had one small seizure. ONE!!! Being able to truly relax helped Finn relax as well...a benefit of the trip I didn't even think to anticipate.” 

Today, memories of her Florida adventure continue to lift Finn’s spirits. “She talks about Florida and the ocean every day,” Kris said. “Thank you so much for fulfilling my daughter’s wish in ways that we did not even hope for.”

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Kami Jensen

Just read this and it made me cry!!!

September 19, 2013 - 3:52 PM

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