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Faith: I wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort


“ Faith's wish breathed new life into us. ”

- Faith's mom

Born a mere 1 pound 10 ounces, Faith’s life has not been easy. Since birth, Faith has suffered hearing loss and endured nine ear surgeries and bilateral cochlear implants. Despite her obstacles, today eight-year-old Faith is one tough little girl who has shown sass and fight since the very beginning. 

Last summer, the spunky Faith wasn’t her usual self. After school was out, it became more and more noticeable that she wasn't her energetic self. A bone marrow biopsy revealed leukemia cells.

“Those two words screamed through my head. As her parent, all I could think about is how unfair it was that she would once again have to fight,” said Faith’s mom, Kelli. Since her diagnosis, Faith has endured chemotherapy, numerous treatments and more hospital stays, but she has kept up her amazing spirit throughout. 

One of the things that Faith focused on during the tough times was her wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort to spend time with her favorite princesses! Rapunzel is Faith's favorite princess. Dressed in her beautiful pink princess dress, Faith got to meet not only Rapunzel but almost all of the other Disney princesses! Faith’s favorite Disney theme park was of course Magic Kingdom. 

“Make-A-Wish® gave our family a blessed and treasured gift. For one week, they did everything possible to take our worries away,” Kelli said. “We could just focus on our family and family time together. We felt like we were soaring high, gliding free and powerful with no burdens to bring us down.” 

“It is said that wish kids and their families experience more happiness and less fear in their lives after a wish. We can attest to that. It was like new life had been breathed into us,” Kelli addes. “Thank you for giving our family so much to look forward to and a break from reality.”

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