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Axel: I wish to fly over a volcano with hot lava


“ Axel's wish gave him a much needed break from cancer. ”

Axel is a little boy full of energy and loves to play with his friends. However, shortly before Halloween in 2010, Axel got sick while vising a friend’s house. He got weaker and lost the energy to even climb stairs. A trip to the emergency room revealed Axel’s mother’s worst nightmare. Axel was diagnosed with leukemia.

Life has been tough on Axel since being diagnosed with leukemia. An energetic little boy, Axel can no longer keep up with his friends. He spends lots of time watching movies instead. Axel got extremely fascinated by volcanoes and the hot lava featured in “Star Wars III”. It was no surprise that when it came time to decide on his one true wish, Axel wished to go to Hawaii and fly over a volcano with hot lava!

This past spring, Axel and his family flew to Kona, Hawaii where they spent several sun-filled days playing on the beach, swimming in the ocean and Axel’s favorite highlight, the helicopter ride that flew over the volcanoes on the island of Kona!

Axel’s wish gave him and his family a much needed break from cancer. “Make-A-Wish® not only made Axel’s dream of seeing and flying over a volcano come true, it provided what our family desperately needed – time together with almost no worries, just a break from doctors, pokes and appointments,” said Justine, Axel’s mother.

“It was the most touching experience as a parent. The wish allowed us to reconnect as a family, and to appreciate the blessings we has been shown. This is the biggest and most fantastic way we have been shown love and support by the community. We are forever grateful. Mahalo, Make-A-Wish,” Justine said.

Axel’s was sponsored by Cargill through the Adopt-A-Wish® program.

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