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Renovation Systems

Renovation SystemsWhen 4-year-old Caleb was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, it became a real challenge for the his family to help Caleb in the bathroom due to both space constraints and the physical and cognitive delays caused by his disorder. Caleb and his parents, Paul and Perla, had a simple wish: to make this routine less of a trial and turn it into a time for Caleb to relax. 

Caleb's parents sat down with Billie Perkins, an Interior Designer at Renovation Systems, to dream up a space that was more accessible, comfortable and ergonomic for their son. By partnering with Satin Touch Painting, Northland Mechanical and Hauri Construction, a team of Renovation Systems volunteers pitched in to demo and renovate the bathroom, giving it a practical, yet relaxing design. 

With the construction of new walls, flooring, a vanity unit and the installation of an innovative shower surround, Caleb can now be wheeled in allowing him an incredible improvement in his quality of life. 

"This bathroom will forever remind us that there are caring people out there willing to help others. It is a work of kindness and love.” Perla said. "There are truly no words to express our gratitude to Make-A-Wish Minnesota and Renovation Systems for making this possible!" Special thanks go to those who volunteered their time including: Linda Tramm, Shonna Dietz, Pete Warner, Randy Simmer, Chad Dillon, Ron Aylor, Jeff Forshee, Brad Torgerson, Billie Perkins, Duane Hauri, Wes Gabrelcik and Chad Lange. 

Thank you Renovation Systems and partners for their creative design and dedication in making Caleb’s wish come true!

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Philanthropists are a key part of helping grant wishes to children with critical illnesses. We always welcome the opportunity to develop new corporate partnerships. To learn more about how you can become a partner, contact:

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