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Aaron: I wish to go to the Atlantis Resort


“ Aaron's wish gave him a much needed break. ”

When 12-year-old Aaron was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, life changed in every way possible. He has gone through countless tests, hospital stays and has had 20 months of aggressive chemotherapy. Aaron has been sick for so long he hardly remembers what it was like to not be sick all the time. 

When he saw images of the Atlantis Resort on TV one day, he knew it would be the place for him to escape the worries of battling a life-threatening medical condition. He loves swimming and had never been to the ocean, so he knew that this would be the perfect wish. 

This past May, Aaron’s wish came true and he discovered paradise in a fabled world that is full of life and free of cares. For five days, Aaron was immersed in a dazzling array of ocean adventures. He frolicked on sugar white sands, swam in the ocean, played with sea lions, fed baby sharks and even got to swim with dolphins. 

Aaron’s wish provided him and his family a much needed break and time to relax and enjoy each other. “This means so much to our family. It is a break from everything he is and has been going through for a long time,” said his mom, Dawn. “We have been struggling for so long, that it is nice to have something fun in the middle of so much icky stuff,” Dawn said. “Make-A-Wish gives people an overwhelmingly positive experience when it’s needed the most. We simply want to thank you.”

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